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I.A.P Aims & Objectives

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I.A.P  Aims & Objectives

The governing body with its executive members of IAP always aims to operate with a main motivation of proving extra support and health awareness with fair practice of the physio professions.


1 To maintain a Register of different categories of the I.A.P. in separate registers.

2 To set and ensure the ethical professional practices and promote high professional standards of independent practice of physiotherapy by the members of the I.A.P.

3 To convene Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, camps, to organize study circles, meetings and lectures and to publish literature, journals, periodical, Newsletters etc and such other means as I.A.P. may determine from time to time.

4 To organize and provide for continuing medical education programs for the members.

5 To conduct post graduate courses for the advancement of higher Physiotherapy education independently or with the co-operation and collaboration of other Institutions to fulfill or further the aims and objects of the I.A.P.

6 To promote Scientific Research and technology in Physiotherapy and related areas to enhance the status of Physiotherapy profession.

7 To represent the Physiotherapists at meetings, Conferences convened by any professional, Governmental and other organizations, national and international.

8 To watch and advise Government / Organizations and NGOs on policy matters affecting the development and practice of Physiotherapy. To advise and assist Government to establish statutory council for the profession of Physiotherapy in the country.

9 To solicit, obtain or accept subscriptions, donations, grants, gifts, bequests of money and all kinds of property movable and immovable either unconditionally or on any special terms and conditions or on trusts not being inconsistent with the objects of I.A.P. as the I.A.P. may think fit.

10 To confirm honor and award scholarships, prizes, to Physiotherapists in the interest of profession and also grants TA and such assistants, monetary or otherwise to the Professionals.

11 To procure the services in advisory capacity of eminent persons either by remuneration in cash or kind or in any capacity.

12 And generally execute all such acts, deeds, matters and things as may be conducive to or for achieving the objects of the I.A.P. or any of them.

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