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Desirous Persons

We the undersigned are desirous of forming an Association namely “THE INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF PHYSIOTHERAPISTS” under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, in pursuance of this ... Read more

Governing Body

The names, addresses, occupation and designation of the present members of the governing body to whom the management of the Association is entrusted as required ... Read more

Aims & Objectives

a) To establish different categories of members of IAP. b) To maintain Registers of different categories of members of IAP. However Life and Ordinary Members will ... Read more

Registered Office

The Registered Office of IAP shall be at Physiotherapy School and Centre, Seth Dhurmal Bajaj Orthopedic Centre & Research Institute, Opp. Tata Memorial Hospital, Dr. ... Read more

Name & Adresses

The name of the Association shall be the “THE INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF PHYSIOTHERAPISTS” (A National Association of Practitioners of Physiotherapy/Physical Therapy) hereinafter referred to as ... Read more

III. Definations & Interpretation

Definationa) “CEC” shall mean the Central Executive Council.b) “IAP” or “Association” shall mean “The Indian Association of Physiotherapists”c) “Office” shall mean the registered office of ... Read more

IV. Membership & Priveledges

Membership of the IAP(a) Existing MembersAny of the following individuals shall be eligible to be “Existing Members” of the IAP:i) Any person possessing a degree ... Read more

V. Central Executive Council

1. ConstitutionThe Central Executive Council shall consist of 9 elected members and 2 ex-officio members. The Central Executive may co-opt up to 2 members from ... Read more

VI. Membership Register

The association shall maintain a Register of its Members, category wise and such a Register contain the following information regarding each member:Name in full and ... Read more

VII General Body

 (a) General Body Membership and Meeting:The General Body of the IAP shall consist of all active Ordinary Members and Life Members.The Annual General Body Meeting ... Read more

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