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IAP is an individual organization of membership professional representing more than 25000 member as physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and students. The IAP is registered under society act.... in the year YYYY

22-Jul-2012 Anand Exams Results

IAP EXAMINATION RESULTS HELD AT ANAND (Gujrat) ON 22-JULY-2012 SNO NAME OF CANDIDATE ROLL NUMBER STATUS 01 Malik Priyanka Sajjan Singh GUJ/12/001 Pass 02 Nair Pretty Sreedhar GUJ/12/002 Pass 03 Neeta Shekhar Palikar GUJ/12/003 Pass 04 Patel Riddhi Natvarlal GUJ/12/004 Pass 05 Pragati Doot GUJ/12/005 Pass 06 Siddiqui ... Read more

03-Jun-2012 Allahabad Exams Results

IAP Results for the Examination held At ALLAHABAD (UP) on 03-JUNE-2012 SNO NAME OF CANDIDATE ROLL NUMBER STATUS 01 Abhishek Kumar UPA/12/001 Fail 02 Akash Srivastava UPA/12/002 Pass 03 Akshay Dixit UPA/12/003 Fail 04 Alizah Kazmi UPA/12/004 Pass 05 Alok Kumar Singh UPA/12/005 Pass 06 Amit Kumar Mishra UPA/12/006 Pass 07 Amitesh ... Read more

Neck Pain

Injuries and postural problems are the main causes of neck pain. Physiotherapist can identified the reasons for your neck pain and provide proven effective treatment ... Read more

Sports Injuries

sports is a vital part of the Indian lifestyle- It promotes good health, stress relief and is fun. Sometimes injuries may occur through sport, but fortunately most injuries can be effectively treated by your physiotherapist. Physiotherapy treatment will enable you to return safely to treated by your sporting activity more quikly than just 'rest and see what happens. Your physiotherapist can also provide adnice to prevent sporting injuries. ... Read more

Our Mission

Our Mission for the future of physiotherapy in India with its strategic plan that enables I.A.P to achieve its mission, assisted by its branches and it members. At I.A.P we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our members, student, patients and the communities we serve. ... Read more

Our Values

The Indian Association Of Physiotherapist  (IAP) will act with integrity and loyalty to members at all times.IAP  values:The integration of evidence, clinical reasoning and therapeutic skills ... Read more

Advocacy Access Appreciation Healthy Indians

Indans  will  access  physiotherapy  on  its  own  merits,  free  of  unwarranted  legislative or economic constraints. Healthcare professionals will work in respectful and informed teams for ... Read more

Vision sentence

Content on this page will be soon Added Webmaster ... Read more

Future Planning

Content on this page will be soon Added Webmaster ... Read more

Practice Physiotherapy Evidence & Excellence

Physiotherapists  will  use  evidence  to  inform  their  practice.  They  will  actively  pursue  learning  and  upport the exchange of information between clinicians and researchers.Expand & Guide ... Read more

Colleges & Institutes Approved By IAP

Various Government and Private Colleges which are approved by IAP to conduct various Bachelors and Masters Courses In Physiotherapy

Examination Informations

various Information About Examination dates and results

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