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List of Recognized / Approved Under-Graduate Colleges By Indian Association Of Physiotherapist (IAP) In India

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Following are The State Wise List Of Under Graduate Colleges Approved Membership For The Mentioned Period by THE INDIAN ASSOCIATION of PHYSIOTHERAPISTS.


ANDHRA PRADESH Andhra Pradesh:- ( Govt. Colleges are Nil, only private institutions )

1.  College of Physiotherapy, S.V.Inst. of Med. Sc. Tirupati. Approved : 2004-’19.
2. Swatantra Inst. of Physiotherapy. Rajmundri. Approved :2003-’05-’12-2017.
3. SIMS. College of Physiotherapy. Guntur, Approved: 2003-05-’10-2015.
4. P.R.R.M. College of Physiotherapy.Cuddapah. Approved: 2006-’10.
5. Kasturi College of Physiotherapy. Anantpur.  Approved: 2015-’17-2021.
6. S.R.E.T. College of Physiotherapy. Vijayanagaram. Approved: 2012-’14.
7. Venkata Padmavati College of Physiotherapy. Chandragiri.Approved: 2015-’19.
8. Kakatiya College of Physiotherapy, Warrangle. Approved: 2002-’04-’09-’12-16.
9.Montessori College of Physiotherapy. Vijaywada. Approved: 2014-’16.
10. Visaka College of Physiotherapy. Visakapatnam. Approved: 2004-’06-11.
11. Tirumala College of Physiotherapy. Nijamabad. Approved: 2017-’19.
12. Konaseema Inst. of Med. Sc. Amalapuram. Approved : 2017-’19.
13.. Lakshmi Venkatesh College of Physiotherapy. Karnool. Approved:2016-’18.

ASSAM ( Govt. Colleges are Nil, Private Colleges only)

1.College of Physiotherapy & Medical Scs., Guwahati. Approved: 2008-10-’15-’18-2022.
2. Down Town College of Physiotherapy& Medical Scs. Approved: 2010-’12.-’16-2020.


Govt. College.
Bihar College of Physiotherapy, Medical College Campus, Viklang Vaban, Patna.

Private Colleges
1. I.I.H.S., Health Inst. Rd. Beur. Patna. Approved: 2003-’04-’08-’13-’18.
2. Dept. of Physiotherapy, Magadh University.Bodh Gaya. Approved: 2012-’14-’18-2022.
Chhatisgarh:- ( Only Pvt. College)
1. Apollo College of Physiotherapy. Durg. (Pt. Ravisankar Uni) Approved: 2006-15.
2. Physiotherapy College of Raipur. Approved 2002-’03.  2006-’08-’11.


Govt. Colleges
1. School of Physiotherapy, I.P.H. New Delhi.
2. Dept. of Physiotherapy. Delhi Inst. of Rural Development. Delhi.

Pvt. Colleges
1. Amar jyoti College of Physiotherapy. Vikash Marg.  Approved: 2002-’04-’09-’14.
2. Amity Physiotherapy College. Okhla centre, Approved: 2008-’10-’15.            
3.Dept. of Physiotherapy, Jamia Humdard University.


Govt College
School of Physiotherapy, S.S.G. Hospital. Vadodara.
School of Physiotherapy, Paraplegia Hospital, GOVT. Asarva, Ahmedabad.

Pvt. Colleges
1. S B B. College of Physiotherapy, Ahmedabad. Approved: 2010-’15.
2. College of Physiotherapy, Ahmedabad Inst. of Med. Scs. Ahmedabad.Approved: 2008-’10-‘15
3. J.G. College of Physiotherapy. Ahmedabad. Approved: 2009-’11-’14-18.
4. Ahmedabad College of Physiotherapy. Ghuma, Ahmedabad. Approved: 2013-‘16’
5. C. M. Patel College of Physiotherapy, Gandhinagar. Approved: 2015-16-2019.
6. Shree Swaminarayan College of Physiotherapy. Ranip, Approved: 2015-’17.
7. Smt. S.R.Shah college of Physiotherapy. Mehsana. Approved: 2016-18.
8. Smt. S.G.Patel Inst. of Physiotherapy. Anand. Approved: 2015-’16-‘2017.
9. Shree B.G.D. Patel College of Physiotherapy. Anand. Approved: 2001-’05- ’09-’13-2018.
10. Vinayaka Inst. of Physiotherapy. Bakrol, Anand. Approved: 2015-’17-2021.
11. C.U.Shah College of Physiotherapy. Surendra Nagar. Approved: 2010-’15-2018.
12. R.K.College of Physiotherapy. Rajkot.  Approved: 2009-’11-’17-2020.
13. Shree K K Seth College of Physiotherapy. Rajkot.Approved: 2013-’17.
14. College of Physiotherapy. S.G.M.E. Trust, Surat. Approved: 2010-’15.
15. Vidhya Deep Inst. of Physiotherapy. Olpad, Surat. Approved: 2017-’18-2019.
16. Pioneer College of Physiotherapy. Vadodara. Approved: 2012-’16-2020.
17. Parul Inst. of Physiotherapy. Vadodara. Approved: 2013-2016.
18. Neotech Inst. of Physiotherapy. Godhra. Approved: 2016-’17-2018.
19. Shree Ghantakaran Mahavir Physiotherapy College. Godhra. Approved: 2009-’14-17.
20. BITS Inst. of Physiotherapy. Vadodara. Approved: 2014-’15-’16-2021.
21. ShreeSahajanabad Inst. of Physiotherapy.Bhavnagar. Approved: 2015-’16-’17.
22. Chitrini College of Physiotherapy. Sabarkantha. Prantij. Approved: 2017-’18-’19.
23. Shree Shuleshwari College of Physiotherapy. Bhandu.  Approved:2015-’16-’17.
24. K.J.Pandya College of Physiotherapy. Piparia , Vadodara.Approved: 2008-2013.
25. S K K. College of Physiotherapy, Rajkot.  Approved: 2007-’12.
26. College of Physiotherapy. Charotor University. Nadiad. Approved: 2015-’18.
27. Dept. of Physiotherapy. Sumandeep University. Vadodara. Approved: 2015-2019.
28. Ashok and Rita Institute of Physiotherapy. Ahmedabad. Approved: 2013-2017.


Govt. College: 
1. Dept. of Physiotherapy, Guru Jambeshwar University. Hissar.

Pvt. Colleges:
1. Gaur Brahman Ayurvedic & Physiotherapy College. Rohtak. Approved: 2006-’10.
2. Prem Physiotherapy & Rehab Centre. Panipat. Approved: 2008-’10-’13-’18.
3.R.P. Indraprastha Inst. of Med. Scs. Gharaund. Karnal. Approved. 2015-’17.
4. Dept. of Health Scs, Faridabad Inst of Tech. Sec-43, Approved: 2007-’09-’11.
5. JCD college of Physiotherapy. Barnala Rd. Sirsa. Approved: 2008-’10.
6. Faculty of Physiotherapy, Shree G.G.S.T. University. Gurugram.Approved: 2016-’17-’18.    
7. School of Allied Health Sciences. M.V.N.University.Aurangabad.  Palwal. Approved: 2018-20.


Private colleges
1. College of Physiotherapy. I.E.C. University. . Solan. Approved: 2015-17
2. College of Physiotherapy, Abhilasha University. Mandi.Approved: 2016-’18.


1. Jammu College of Physiotherapy. Bantalab Rd.Approved: 2007-’11-’16-’18.


Dept. of Physiotherapy, Bangalore Medical College.

Private Colleges
1. Alva’s College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore.  Approved: 2006-’11-16-’20.
2. Acharya College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved: 2001-’03-08-’13-’17-2022.
3. Dept. of Physiotherapy, M.S,Ramiah Med. College. Approved: 1998-‘2000-’05-’10-’15.
4. Florence College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved: 2002-’04-’09-’14-’19.
5. Garden City College of Physiotherapy.Bangalore. Approved: 2000-’02-’07-’12-’15-’19.
6. Goutam College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved: 2002-’04-’08-’12-’15-’19.
7. Hosmat College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved:2004-’06-’11-’16.
8. Infant Jesus College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved: 2002-’04-’09.
9. Krupanidhi College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved: 2001-’03-’07-’12.
10. Kempegowda College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved: 2002-’04-07-’12-’17-2021.
11. Oxford College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved: 2002-’04-’08-’13-’18-2021.
14.KTG.Inst. of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved: 2002-’04-09-’12-’15-2020.
15. Dayanand Sagar College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved: 2007-’09.
16. City College of Physiotherapy. Pound Garden. Approved: 1999-’01-’06-’10-’14-’17-2021.
17.Harsha Inst. of Physiotherapy. Bangalore. Approved: 2017-’19.
18. Rosy Royal International College of Physiotherapy. Bangalore.  Approved: 2017-’19.
19. KLEU. Inst. of Physiotherapy.JNMC Campus, Belgaun. Approved: 1998-‘2000-15-’20.
20.Kanachur College of Physiotherapy. Mangalore.. Approved: 2016-’18-2023.
21.JSS. College of Physiotherapy. Mysore. Approved: 2015-2019.
22. Dept. of Physiotherapy,MAHE. Manipal.  Approved: 1996-’98-’05-’15-2020.
23. Navodaya College of Physiotherapy. Raichur. Approved: 2000-’02-’07-’12-’17- 2022.
24. SDM. College of Physiotherapy. Dharwad. Approved: 1999-’01-’06-’10-2015.
25. Sreedevi College of Physiotherapy. Tumkur. Approved: 2001-’03-06-2010. Fresh 2018-2020.
26. Shreedevi College of Physiotherapy. Mangalore. Approved: 1998-’00-11-’14-’19.
27. College of Physiotherapy, University Medical College. Mangalore. Approved: 1999-’06-’11.
28. Inst. of Health Scs, M.V.Shetty College. Mangalore. Approved: 1994-’96-’02-’06-’09.
29. Karnataka College of Physiotherapy. Mangalore. Approved: 2002-’04-2008.
30. Laxmi College of Physiotherapy. Mangalore.  Approved: 1994-’96-’06-’10-’15-2020.
31. NITTE College of Physiotherapy. Mangalore.  Approved: 1999-’01-04-2022.
32. K. Pandurajah College of Physiotherapy. Mangalore. Approved: 1999-’01-’06-2011.
33. Vikas College of Physiotherapy. Mangalore. Approved:1997-’99-2009, Started on 2017-’19.
34. YENEPOYA Physiotherapy College.Mangalore. Approved: 2004-’06-’10-’14.
35. Vijaylakshmi Inst. of Physiotherapy.Mangalore. Approved:2008-’10.
36.Dept. of Physiotherapy, Father Mullar Med College. Mangalore.  Approved: 2009-’11.
37.Dept. of Physiotherapy, Kasturba Med. College. Mangalore. Approved: 2006-’11-’16-2021.
38. Srinivas College of Physiotherapy. Mangalore. Approved: 1999-’01-’05-’10-’15-2020.
39. Josco Inst. of Physiotherapy. Neelamangala. Bangalore. Approved: 2019-2021.
40. Srinivas School of Physiotherapy, Srinivas University, Mangalore. Approved: 2018-2020.
41. Christian college of physiotherapy. Ranjana layout. Bangalore.  Approved: 2019-2021.
42. Tejasvini Physiotherapy College. Kudupa, Mangalore.  Approved: 2018-2020.


Private Colleges
1. Dept. of Physiotherapy. SME. Regional Centre. Ernakulam,Kochi.Approved: 2008-’10.
2.Co-Operative Inst. of Health Sciences. Nettur, Thalassery.Approved: 2008-’10-’13-’17.
3. A.W.H. Calicut University. Approved: 2010-’12.
4. J.D.T. Islam College of Physiotherapy. Calicut. Approved: 2011-’13.


Pvt. Colleges
1. Dept. of Physiotherapy, Rajiv Gandhi College. Bhopal.  Approved: 2003-’05-10-’15-’20.
2.Ayushman College of Physiotherapy. Bhopal. Approved: 2006-’08-’11-’16.
3. Career College of Physiotherapy. Bhopal. Approved: 2003-’05-’10-2013.
4. Inst. of Medical Sciences, BHRC Parisar, Indore. Approved: 2000-’02-’07-’12.
5.B.I.M.R.College of Physiotherapy., Gowalior. Approved: 2008-’10-’13-2018.


Govt. Colleges

1. School of Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic Centre, K.E.M. Hospital . Mumbai.
2. School of Physiotherapy, Nair Hospital, Byculla, Mumbai.
3. PhysicaL Therapy Teaching & Treatment Centre. LTMG Hospital , Sion, Mumbai.
4. Physiotherapy School & Centre. Govt. Medical College. Nagpur.

Private Colleges
1.K.J.Somaiya College of Physiotherapy. Sion, Mumbai.  Approved: 2009-’14.
2. DPO’s NETT College of Physiotherapy. Thane (W), Mumbai. Approved: 2010-’15.
3.Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Physiotherapy. Navi Mumbai. Approved : 2002-’04-’09-’14.
4.Dr. D.Y.Patil College of Physiotherapy. Pimpri. Pune. Approved:2010-’15-2020.
5.Dr. D.Y.Patil College of Physiotherapy. Kohlapur.    Approved: 2006-’08.
6.M.A. Rangoonwala College of Physiotherapy. Pune. Approved: 2007-’11.
7.Terna College of Physiotherapy. Sec-22, Nerul. Approved: 2008-’10.
8. DES College of Physiotherapy., Shivaji Nagar, Pune.Approved: 2009-’11.
9. Ullas Patil College of Physiotherapy.,Jalgaon. Approved: 2009-’11.
10,N.D.M.V.P.’s Samaj College of Physiotherapy.Adgaon, Nasik.Approved: 2008-’10.
11. Padmshree College of Physiotherapy.,Ahmednagar. Approved: 2010-’12-’17.
12. Pravara College of Physiotherapy. Loni, Ahmednagar. Approved: 2007-’11.
13. Sancheti College of Physiotherapy. Pune. Approved: 2010-’15.
14. Ravi Nair College of Physiotherapy. Wardh. Approved: 2003-’08.
15. V.P.S.M’s College of Physiotherapy. Nagpur. Approved: 2008-’13-’18.
16. College of Physiotherapy, Chaitanya Med. Foundation.Nigdi,Pune.Approved: 2000--‘10-‘15
17. M.G.M. College of Physiotherapy. Aurangabad. Approved: 2015-’16-’17.
18. Lokmanya Tilak College of Physiotherapy. Nigdi, Pune. Approved: 2016-’17-‘18’-2019.


School of Physiotherapy, N.I.T.A.R. ,Olatpur, Cuttack.

Private Colleges
1. Chakradhara Inst. of Rehabilitation Sc.  Bhuvaneswar. Approved: 2011-’13-’17.
2. Neelachal Inst. of Medical Sciences. Bhuvaneswar. Approved: 2016-’17-’18.


College of Physiotherapy., P.G.I Chandigarh.
Dept. of Physiotherapy, Guru Nanak Dev University. Amritsar.
Dept. of Physiotherapy, Punjabi University. Patiala.
Private Colleges are:-,
1.Adhes College of Physiotherapy. Muktasar. Approved: 2010-’13-2018.
2. All Saint’s College of Physiotherapy. Ludhiana.Approved: 2004-’06-’10-‘2014.
3. Lyallpur Khalsa College of Physiotherapy. Jalandhar. Approved: 2002-’04-’09-14-’19.
4. M.M. Inst. of Physiotherapy & Rehab. Ambala.  Approved: 2002-’04-’09-’11-’15-2019.
5.Gian Sagar College of Physiotherapy. Bannur, Patiala.Approved: 2008-’10-’15-2020.
6. DAV Inst. of Physiotherapy & Rehab. Jalandhar. Approved: 2007-’09-2013.
7. College of Physiotherapy, Adhesh Inst. of Med. Sc. Approved: 2008-’10-2015.
8. College of Physiotherapy, Lovely University. Jalandhar City. Approved: 2011-2016.
9. Khalsa College of Physiotherapy, Amritsar. Approved: 2015-’16-’17-2022.
10. Dept. of Physiotherapy., Chikara Institute of Health Sciences. Patiala. Approved: 2018-2020.


Private Colleges

1. Jaipur Physiotherapy College & Hospital, M.V.Global, University. Approved: 2012-’14-’17-’21.
2. M,G. Physiotherapy College, Sitapur-Tonk Rd, Jaipur. Approved: 2014-’16-2020.
3. College of Physiotherapy, Jaipur Hosp. Campus, Manas Sarovar, Approved: 2009-’11.
4. Jaipur Hospital College of Physiotherapy, Shipra Path. Jaipur,Approved: 2015-’17.
5. Brainwave College of Physiotherapy. Sitapura. Jaipur. Approved: 2008-’10. Fresh 2019-2020.
6. College of Physiotherapy, J.Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, Udaipur. Approved: 2016-’21.
7. Udaipur Inst. of Physiotherapy, Hiran Magri, Udaipur. Approved:2012-’16-’20.
8. U S B. College of Physiotherapy. Mehasana-Abu Rd. Approved: 2008-’10-’13.
9. Sri V.S.B. College of Physiotherapy. Abu Rd, Sirohi. Approved: 2015-’18.
10. College of Physiotherapy, Madhav University. Abu Rd. Sirohi.Approved: 2017-’18-’19.
11. Pacific College of Physiotherapy. Pratapura. Udaipur. Approved: 2017-’18-’19.
12. Shree Balaji Physiotherapy College.Jai Samand Rd. Udaipur.Approved: 2008-’10.
13.Udaipur Inst. of Physiotherapy. Umarda Rd. Udaipur.Approved:2012-’16-’19.
14.Maa Gayatri College of Physiotherapy, Pratap Nagar, Udaipur.Approved: 2008-’10.
15. Faculty of Medical Sc. Sikar Rd, Ajmer.     Approved: 2012-’14-2017.
16. Jodhpur Physiotherapy College. Natioanal University Campus. Approved: 2014-2016.
17. Geethanjali college of physiotherapy. Udaipur. Approved: 2017-2019.
18. Sri Ganganagar College of physiotherapy. Hanumangarh Rd. Approved: 2019-2021.
19. U.E.M. School of Physiotherapy. Sikar Rd. Jaipur. Approved: 2018-2020.


1.Sikkim Manipal College of Physiotherapy. S.M.I.M.S. Campus.Gangtok. Approved: 2011-’16.


Private College

1.Tripura Inst. of Paramedical Sciences. Agartala. Approved: 2012-’14-2018.


1. Govt. College of Physiotherapy. Tiruchipally.
2. School of Physiotherapy, Govt. General Hospital. Chennai.
3. School of Physiotherapy. CMC. Vellore.

Private Colleges

1. Adiparakshati College of Physiotherapy. Chennai. Approved: 1998-’00-’05-’09-2014.
2. AMS College of Physiotherapy. Chennai. Approved: 2002-’04-’09-2014.
3. B.S. College of Physiotherapy. Chennai. Approved: 1998-’00-05-’09-2011.
4. Meenakshi College of Physiotherapy. Chennai.Approved: 1999-’01-’06-2010.
5. Saveeta College of Physiotherapy. Chennai. Approved: 1999-’01-’06-2010.
6. S R M. College of Physiotherapy. Chennai. Approved: 1998-’05-2010.
7. College of Physiotherapy. Sri Ramachandra Medical College. Chennai. Approved: 1998-2015.
8. Vels College of Physiotherapy.P.V. Vaithalingam  Chennai. Approved: 1996-’98-’00-’05-2010.
9. Vels R.S. College of Physiotherapy. Avadi Alamati Rd. Chennai.Approved: 2003-’05-2010.
10. Mohammad Sattak A.J. College of Physiotherapy. Chennai.Approved: 2009-2011.
11. Cherran’s College of Physiotherapy. Coimbatore. Approved: 1999-’01-’04-2007.
12.R.V.S. College of Physiotherapy. Coimbatore. Approved: 1998-’00-’04-’09-’14-2019.
13. K.G.College of Physiotherapy. Coimbatore.  Approved: 1998-’04-2009.
14. Padmavati College of Physiotherapy. Dharmapuri.Approved: 2000-’02; Gap. 2008-’10.
15. J.K.K.Munirajah College of Physiotherapy. NamakkalApproved: 1998-’00-’09-2012.
16. Arupadai Veedu College of Physiotherapy. Ponycherry.Approved: 2017-’19.
17. Christian College of Physiotherapy. Colachel, Kanyakumari. Approved: 2018-2020.
18. S.R.M. College of Physiotherapy. Kancheepuram. Approved: 2017-2021.
19. Vinayaka Mission College of Physiotherapy. Salem.Approved: 1996-’98-’05--’09-’14- 2019.
20. Shanmuga College of Physiotherapy. Salem.  Approved: 2006-2008.
21. Vivekananda Inst. of Med. Sc. Thiruchengodu. Approved: 1998-2000-’05-2010.
22. Nandha College of Physiotherapy. Erode.  Approved: 2006-’08-2011.
23. Santosh College of physiotherapy. Thirunagar, Madurai. Approved: 2018-2020.


Private Colleges

1. Apollo College of Physiotherapy.Hyderabad.Approved: 2004-’06-’11-’16-’20.
2. Durgabai Deshmukh College of Physiotherapy. Hyderabad. Approved: 2006-’08-2011.
3. Modern College of Physical Med. & Rehab. Hyderabad. Approved: 2004-’06-2010.
4.Sushruta Inst. of Physical Med. & Rehab. Hyderabad. Approved: 2003-’05-’10-2015.
5. K.I.M.S. College of Physiotherapy. Seccunderabad. Approved: 2013-’15-’19-2022.
6.Shree Ratna College of Physiotherapy. Uppal, Hyderabad.Approved: 2017-’19.
7. Yashoda College of Physiotherapy. Medchal, Malkajgiri. Approved: 2018-‘2020.


Private Colleges
1 Dept. of Physiotherapy, Integral University. Lucknow. Approved: 2008-’12-2017.
2. I.I.M.T. College of Physiotherapy, Meerut.Approved: 2012-2014.
3. College of Allied Education Health Scs. Meerut. Approved: 2002-’04-’09-’14-2018.
4. Subharti College of Physiotherapy. Meerut .Approved: 2003-’05-’09-’13-’17-2022.
5. Trident College of Education & Health Scs. Meerut. Approved: 2006-’08.
6. SAI College of Medical Scs & Technology. Kanpur. Approved: 2006-’08-’11.
7. University Inst. of Health Sciences. C.S.J.M University.Kanpur. Approved: 2007-’09-’12-2016.
8. Pacific College of Physiotherapy. Gorakhpur. Approved: 2008-2010.
9. Institute of Applied Medicine & Research. Gaziabad,Approved: 2003-’05-’09-2012.
10. I.T.S. Paramedical College. Gaziabad. Approved: 2008-’10-’13-2018.
11. Inst. of Applied Medicine & Research. Gaziabad.  Approved: Approved: 2010-’12-2016.
12. Dept. of Physiotherapy, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi. Approved: 2014-2017.
13.College of Physiotherapy, U.P.University of Med. Scs. Saifai, Etawah. Approved: 2016-’18.
14.Amity Inst. of Physiotherapy. Amity Campus. Noida. Approved: 2011-’16-2020.
15. Adhunik Inst. of Education & Research. Gaziabad. Approved: 2005-’07-’10-’14-2019.
16. Prakash Inst. of Physiotherapy & Rehab and Allied Health Scs. Noida.Approved: 2015-2018.
17. Santosh Paramedical / Allied Health Scs. Gaziabad.  Approved: 2002-’04-’09-’11-’14-2019.


Private Colleges
1. Doon (PG) College of Physiotherapy. Dehradun.Approved: 2004-‘06’-’10-2015.
2.Dolphin Inst. of Biomedical& Natural Scs. Dehradun. Approved: 2006-’08-’10-‘2015.
3. SAI ( PG) Inst. of Biomedical Health Scs. Dehradun.  Approved: 2006-’08-’10-’12-2016.
4. Combined (PG) Inst. of Medical Scs & research. Dehradun. Approved: 2008-’10-2014.
5. Uttaranchal College of Technology & Biomedical Scs. Dehradun.Approved: 2008-’10-’14-2018.
6. GRD College of Physiotherapy. Dehradun. Approved: 2008-’10.
7. Beehive College of Physiotherapy. Dehradun. Approved: 2008-’10-2013.
8. SBS Inst. of Biomedical Scs & Research, Dehradun. Approved: 2000-’02-’07-’11-2016.
9. Sri Guru Ram Rai Inst. of Medical & Health Scs. Dehradun. Approved:2008-2012.

West Bengal

1. College of Physiotherapy. Inst. of Loco-motor Challenges. Bonhoogly. Kolkata.
2. School of Physical Medicine. I.P.G.E.& R., A.J.C. Bose. Rd. Kolkata.

Private Colleges

1.College of Physiotherapy, Vivekananda Inst. of Medical Scs. Kolkata. Approved:2008-2010.
2. Nopany Inst. of Health Care studies.  Approved: 2010-2012.
3. Burdwan Inst. of Medical & Life Scs. Burdwan. Approved: 2007-2011.
4. Haldia Inst. of Health Scs. Purba Medinipur. Approved: 2008-2010.                                                
5. Inst. of Paramedical Scs & Technology. Durgapur. Approved: 2009-’12-’16-2020

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