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Quest For Medical Status Pits Physios Against Docs-Medical Times

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Demand for regulator gains momentum, so Idoes resistance.

A physiotherapist not only diagnoses, examines and all orthopedic disorders such as fractures,muscle cramps and ligament ruptures and sprains but also prevents pain, disability, disease,sport and work related injuries,ageing and long periods of Inactivity. Professionally, he is in no way lags behind a physician or an orthopedic surgeon. But, he is not treated by the society on par with medical doctors for reasons best known to it.

This bias against physiotherapists defies all logic, yet it has been perpetuated since ages and still prevalent in our society.What is intriguing is that there is no effort from the political establishment to correct this anomaly and give the deprived professional their rightful due.
Anymove by the government to give physiotherapist their rightful place is sure to meet with the unity in the medical fraternity that they have no hope of getting a fair deal in the system where doctor's writ runs.


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