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Controling Arthritis With LCHF Diet

Arthritis can be broadly categorised as Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid is treated with a variety of anti-inflammatory drugs, disease modifying agents and surgery. Osteoarthritis ... Read more

Back Pain Remedies

If you are currently experiencing low back pain, one or two days of rest is indicated. After this short time period, gentle self-care exercises should be started to restore mobility and decrease pain. Since poor posture is a major cause of low back pain, maintaining proper posture is important. ... Read more

Ankle Rehabilatation

talocrural joint is the medical term used for ankle joints. Ankle joint is formed by three bone tibia, fibula, and talus these are supported by strong ligaments. Ankle injuries are very common every year millions of patients are treated for ankle injuries and it is very common injury among the sports persons and a common sport injury. ... Read more

Neck Pain

Injuries and postural problems are the main causes of neck pain. Physiotherapist can identified the reasons for your neck pain and provide proven effective treatment ... Read more

Cardiac Physiotherapy Rehab

Cardiovascular disease includes conditions such as angina, heart attack and stroke. Heart disease is caused by a gradual build up of fatty deposits in the coronary arteries, causing them to narrow and leading to angina. Around half of patients with CVD have additional health problems, with approximately 30% suffering back pain and arthritis, 21% diabetes, and a further 16% (10,000) having respiratory disease including asthma. Physiotherapy-led CR programmed are clinically effective in reducing mortality, improving health and quality of life, reducing length of hospital stay and reducing the number of hospital re admissions. ... Read more

Sports Injuries

sports is a vital part of the Indian lifestyle- It promotes good health, stress relief and is fun. Sometimes injuries may occur through sport, but fortunately most injuries can be effectively treated by your physiotherapist. Physiotherapy treatment will enable you to return safely to treated by your sporting activity more quikly than just 'rest and see what happens. Your physiotherapist can also provide adnice to prevent sporting injuries. ... Read more

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