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New Website Live


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New Website Live

This is to inform that new website of physiotherapyindia.org was made live on 10-SEPT-2010, 00:30 IST. The website will be in beta testing for next 7 days. DUring beta testing all missing data ( if noticed) will be added on website and if any bugs it will be fixed.

This is also to be put on records , that in case of any data missing data on the website it can be informed to the webmaster of the official website "physiotherapyindia.org" through an email website@physiotherapyindia.org.  We will try to add the missing content on the website, after previewing the request from the public or IAP members / IAP Branch / IAP Board members.

All branches and IAP board members are also informed to preview the new website and incase any missing data in terms of attachments/Broken Links. it can be notified with the URL of the page for the webmaster to look into the the missing attachment or broken links exiting on the pages.


ATTACHMENTS NOT AVAILABLE : Many pages on physiotherapyindia.org is with attachements. Incase any page where is mention refer of down load from attachment section of the page and no attachment exists, email us with the URL of the page where attachment is missing.

BROKEN LINK: Incase you find any link on the website that give 404 error on clicking the link email us the URL of the page which has the link and give the 404 error so that it can be rectified.


Dr Sanieev Jha