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IAP - An Oath for Physiotherapists

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In the presence of my teachers, family, friends, and fellow graduates, and in view of entering the noble and honored profession of Physiotherapy, I sincerely and willingly take an oath to dedicate myself to the following:

I will not discriminate the patients of any age, gender, race, creed or any other factor to intervene between my duty and my patient.

I will strive to provide high-quality, evidence-based physiotherapy treatment to the best of my knowledge for my patients.

I will carry out the duties of my profession with conscience, and dignity, and honor my noble profession.

I will adhere to legal and ethical obligations while using sound professional judgment.

I will respect the rights, dignity, and confidentiality of patients or anyone who uses my services.

I will uphold the dignity and treatment of my patients and serve human life.

I will act kindly, honestly, and with integrity with everyone in all facets of my services.

I will uphold the principles of the physiotherapy profession, and contribute my time, expertise, and research to advocate and work towards its advancement.

I will strive for excellence by upgrading my knowledge through lifelong learning.

I will serve selflessly within my capacity for social responsibility toward the physiotherapy needs of local, national, and global communities.

And, by taking this oath, I sincerely and willingly embrace the responsibilities and rewards that will come with the profession of physiotherapy.Indian Association of Ph