IAP Delegation with Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

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IAP Delegation With Hon'ble Health Minister Dr. Harshwardhan Ji.

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IAP Delegation With Hon'ble Dr.Ram Gopal Yadav Ji (MP-Rajya Sabha)

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CEC at 58th Annual Conference of IAP

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Women Cell Of IAP At The 58th Annual Conference Of IAP In Mahaballipuram

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IAP Announces Research Grants

The  Indian  Association  of  Physiotherapists  hereby  announces  Research  Grants  for  the  following categories : 1.Short Term Student Grant 2.The Budding Scientist 3.The Physio-scientist 4.The Senior-Scientist 5.The Physio-Innovator For eligibility and other

03 Jun 2021

Update Membership Details For Active Members

To All members of  " The Indian Association Of physiotherapist". Please update / send your data with IAP centificate copy to be an Active Member Of

30 Apr 2021

Public Notice-Suit Filed Against Dr. Navneet Krishna and Mr. Pritam Kumar

PUBLIC NOTICE.Date :16/12/2020BY THE INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF PHYSIOTHERAPISTS [IAP] EST. 1955         [The Oldest and Largest physiotherapy Association of India]   This is for information to

16 Dec 2020

IAP Invitation To Submit Narrative Of Work Done In....

As per World Physiotherapy, Now, more than ever, the contribution of health workers as essential workers needs to be acknowledged. Health workers play a critical role in ensuring our health and urgent  action 

09 Dec 2020

Suspension notice of Dr.Umasankar Mohanty

This is for information to all the members of The Indian Association of Physiotherapists that due to the anti -association activities of Dr.Umasankar Mohanty which includes

25 Nov 2020

Public Notice

Dear Members/Colleges/Corporates,It has been brought to the notice of Central Executive Committee of The Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP) that some organisation/ company registered under

16 Nov 2020

Suspension Of Dr. Prabhat Ranjan

It has come to our notice that Dr. Prabhat Ranjan is associated in anti association activities which is against the memorandum of the association and

16 Nov 2020

New Website Live

This is to inform that new website of physiotherapyindia.org was made live on 10-SEPT-2010, 00:30 IST. The website will be in beta testing for next

10 Sep 2020

Website & Email For All IAP Branches in India

All existing IAP branches will have personal branch website to promote the branch and activities at the branch of IAP. all new bracnhes will also

02 Jul 2020

IAP Public Notice - 2010

Public Notice was issued on March - 28, 2010 in Times of India  That States Please take notice that some people or entities are misrepresenting that

02 Jul 2020

News & Events

Delhi Branch : Started Covid Help Line- Patient Registration Link

Delhi branch of Indian Association of Physiotherapists is starting a helpline for covid and post covid patients. Tele Consultation will be provided by physiotherapists, physicians,

19 May 2021

As Per The Order Of Civil Court GR.Mumbai Suspension Of Dr. Umasankar Mohanty Is Correct & CEC Decision Is Upheld By The Hon. Court.


06 Feb 2021

Email for all Branches & Committee Members

Email id will be allocated to all the committee members at the domain physiotherapyindia.org. Post allocation of email id all the committee members and IAP

02 Jul 2020

UGC Banned Distance Education Banned Physiotherapy In India

Physiotherapy courses that mainly included practical training and hands-on experience will no longer be conducted through the distant mode of education. University Grants Commission (UGC)

02 Jul 2020

Distance education banned by HON, Delhi High Court

Delhi high court issues an order to ban distance education in India. Chief Justic Miss Mukta Gupta order dated 22-04-2010 Preview the complete order from the

02 Jul 2020

First IAP Corporate Conference

For the first time, IAP conducted a corporate conference in the City of Indore. The conference was started after a ribbon cutting ceremony by Honorable

10 Jul 2020

IAP 58 Annual Conference

58th Annual conference of the "Indian Association of Physiotherapy that started on 6th of March and concluded on 8th of March,2020. The 3 day annual

05 Jul 2020

IAP Deligation With Shri Ashwini Choube, Hon State Health Minister, Govt Of India

The IAP Delegates met The Hon'ble State health Minister, Shri Ashwini Choube. The delegates from the IAP met the Hon'ble health Minister and explained various

08 Oct 2017

Invitation For IAP Awards, 2019

The CEC of IAP invites IAP Life Members for the nomination of Annual Awards & recognition by IAP for 2019. The recognition will be done

12 Sep 2018

Invitation For IAP Awards, 2018

The CEC of IAP invites IAP Life Members for the nomination of Annual Awards & recognition by IAP for 2018. The recognition will be done

10 Jan 2018


Guidelines by IAP for COVID 19

Physiotherapy guidelines for patients with COVID- 19 in an Acute Care setting  by the members ...

Physiotherapy Practice Guidelines

The Guidelines to Physiotherapy Practice provides a details of of practices that should be incorprated

Recommended Clinical Guidelines and Protocols

Guidelines are systematically developed by a group of experts to support doctors and patients in

Quality Control

Collaborative Care

It is the responsibility of all healthcare professionals to interact effectively with patients and service ...

Assessment of Patients

Patients assessments comprises a detail study of patients that is deduced from the Q/A session 

Evidence & Research

For an accuration medication and conclusion to make the best decisions for patient care, we


The Director Lalaram Sarup Institute Vs Prabhu Lal Jat

Petitioner an autonomous institute under ministry of heath and control -- The respondent working the ...

Sathish K Thomas vs State Of Kerala

writ petitions are filed by the Association for Physiotherapists and practising Physiotherapists, seeking a direction

Javaid Ahmad Dar Vs State of J&K and others

Degree in Physiotherapy from Allahabad Agricultural Institute--Bachelors Degree could not be entertained.-- on the ground

Laws & Policies

Clinical Establishment Act Standard for Physiotherapy Centre

In 2010 Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Act, 2010 has been enacted by the Central ...

The Physiotherapy Central Council Bill, 2017



The Protection of Children from Sexual Offence act, 2012 ACT NO. 32 OF 2012[19th June,

IAP At a Glance

The Indian Association Of Physiotherapist (IAP) ,is a non-profit,  non-governmental organization that represents the physiotherapy profession at National and international Level. The IAP is registered under Indian society act, in the year 1955 .The Indian Association of Physiotherapists was a member of WCPT from 1967, and we are Proudly announcing that we are back in WORLD PHYSIOTHERAPY (WP) from August,2020. IAP is an apex body representing the interests of Indian physiotherapists and their patients. We are committed to professional excellence and career success for our members, which translate into better patient outcomes and improved health conditions for all patients in the society. Through our National Groups we offer advanced training and collegial support from physiotherapists working in similar areas. The IAP is also a credential and assessment agency that provides evaluation services on behalf of our Members – the provincial and territorial physiotherapy regulators (called Colleges). On behalf of our Members, ... Read more

IAP Women Cell

We strive to make a difference for our Female physiotherapy professionals and profession Yes, "Time Flies", and as we do our duty, may it ever be positive in its effects on our members, their families, and for our society.In Women CellWe are Planning  to promote participation of female physiotherapists in mainstream.1.Access to Hot Jobs—by creating a special job portal on IAP Website.•   and help female to negotiate their roles2. Equality in Working—by 2020, and women still make less than men.IAP will promote that there are no gaps in your workplace .•    Implement a “no negotiations” policy.•    Support pay transparency.•    Evaluate recruitment, promotion, and talent development systems for gender bias3.Race and Gender Bias—Women of colour continue to deal with some of the workplace’s most entrenched hurdles.What IAP Women cell will do?•    Not shy away from talking about uncomfortable or difficult topics. Each of us—regardless of our ... Read more

Controling Arthritis With LCHF Diet
17 Apr 2018

Controling Arthritis With LCHF Diet

Arthritis can be broadly categorised as Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid is treated with a variety of anti-inflammatory drugs, disease modifying agents and surgery. Osteoarthritis ... Read more

Common Sports Injuries
20 Sep 2012

Common Sports Injuries

Timely therapy intervention can have dramatic effects on recovery rate of sports injuries. Sports injuries can be new & acute or chronic ongoing ‘niggles’ that ... Read more

Back Pain Remedies
02 Sep 2012

Back Pain Remedies

If you are currently experiencing low back pain, one or two days of rest is indicated. After this short time period, gentle self-care exercises should ... Read more

Ankle Rehabilatation
02 Sep 2012

Ankle Rehabilatation

talocrural joint is the medical term used for ankle joints. Ankle joint is formed by three bone tibia, fibula, and talus these are supported by ... Read more