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IAP - An Oath for Physiotherapists

In the presence of my teachers, family, friends, and fellow graduates, and in view of entering the noble and honored profession of Physiotherapy, I sincerely ... Read more

IAP At a Glance

The Indian Association Of Physiotherapist (IAP) ,is a non-profit,  non-governmental organization that represents the physiotherapy profession at National and international Level. The IAP is registered ... Read more

IAP Legacy

Legacy ,Tradition and Welfare of Physiotherapists In India. The Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP)  the largest and oldest professional membership organization for physiotherapists in India  established ... Read more

Strategic Plan

IAP Website is has been redesined comtent of this page will soon be added on this page. Do visit us back.. Webmaster phusiotherapyindia.org ... Read more

Our Mission,Vision & Values

IAP mission and strategies are clear for its member physiotherapists. Strategies are made to enhance the performance and form the operational control over goal achievements. ... Read more

Memorandum of Association & Rules and Regulations - 2022

THE INDIAN ASSOCIATION  OF PHYSIOTHERAPISTS Memorandum of Association & Rules and Regulations - 2022Memorandum of Association & Rules and Regulations Final Memorandum of IAP Download the MOA ... Read more

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