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About Us & Our Programmes

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We strive to make a difference for our Female physiotherapy professionals and profession Yes, "Time Flies", and as we do our duty, may it ever be positive in its effects on our members, their families, and for our society.

In Women Cell

We are Planning  to promote participation of female physiotherapists in mainstream.

1.Access to Hot Jobs—by creating a special job portal on IAP Website.•   and help female to negotiate their roles

2. Equality in Working—by 2020, and women still make less than men.

IAP will promote that there are no gaps in your workplace .
•    Implement a “no negotiations” policy.
•    Support pay transparency.
•    Evaluate recruitment, promotion, and talent development systems for gender bias

3.Race and Gender Bias—Women of colour continue to deal with some of the workplace’s most entrenched hurdles.

What IAP Women cell will do?
•    Not shy away from talking about uncomfortable or difficult topics. Each of us—regardless of our race or gender—has a role to play.
•    Be open to feedback and learning.
•    If We see harmful behavior in your workplace, say something. Otherwise, your silence makes you complicit in it.
•    Build trust and confront inequities head on through organisation-wide strategies.

4.Sponsorship—Not enough People are sponsoring highly qualified women by speaking up on their behalf.

What IAP Women wing Will do?
•    Recognise sponsorship is something that anyone can do, including and especially, men who can take several powerful actions.
•    Carefully and humbly listen to women colleagues, which can help them feel more included.
5.Non-Inclusive Workplaces and Discrimination —Women often feel dismissed or ignored.

What Women Cell can do?
•    Create conversation ground rules and hold yourself and your team accountable for following them.
•    Develop a shared understanding and language about inclusion and exclusion.

•    Ensure access to workplace reporting mechanisms to report any complaints or observations of harassment.

6. To promote Professional Insurance specially  in Female Physiotherapists..