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IAP Haryana Mission Vision

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Mission & Vision of IAP Haryana :- 
With clear cut vision to join the whole haryana state Physiotherapy Community with each other with mutual bonding following mission we have planned.

1) With the help of Quackery Comittee 
a.  Identify and make a list of eligible Diploma and degree Practitioners 
b.  Identify Quacks practicing or doing home visits 
c. Identify Hospitals providing Bogus internship 
d.  Identify colleges giving correspondence degree 

2. Creating awareness about IAP and enhancing skills of students and Professionals with the help of district by conducting 
a. Two free workshop in next six month 
b. Two webinars every month

3. With the help of student Comittee increase the registration drive of students and Professionals by getting in touch wit them 

4. With the help of media Comittee Promoting IAP HARYANA page by providing good content so that we can engage the viewers.

5. With the Help of funding Comittee identify the sponsors and different ways by which we can generate the fund needed for district and state. 

6. Creating a closed group of Physiotherapist and students of Haryana for one stop solution of Jobs,  Seminar , workshops,  Conferences, knowledge content,  case discussion,  awareness abt Physiotherapy or any activity that will benefit Physiotherapy and Physiotherapist 

7.Engaging the district teams and IAPWC for our Roadmap

8.With the help of Grievance Committee        
a) make the record of Private Clinics,  Nursing Home and Hospitals having Physiotherapy Dept. 
b) make guidelines of clinical practice and scope of Physiotherapy by engaging all practitioners