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IAP-Odisha: Mission Vision

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IAP-UTKAL (Odisha State Branch) dedicates its efforts and resources to the improvement of health and wellbeing in  patients and the communities irrespective of the diversity of their backgrounds by curing physical disorders or disability, promoting physical fitness, facilitating healing and pain relief and treatment of physical and psychosomatic disorders through modulating physiological and physical response using physical agents, activities and devices for diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

The Association is committed to its mission through :-Professional Education and Improvement, Support for physiotherapists, Membership Services, Advocacy, Education and awareness of health for patients and the communities and Provide Technical Assistance, expertise and Scientific inputs to Individuals, organisations, institutions, government and its agencies in the area of Physiotherapy by playing a proactive role in consultative committees/task forces/boards constituted by the government and/or its agencies in matters related to physiotherapy, practicing professionals and stake holders benefitted/affected.


To promote, assist and advocate IAP in achieving its goal towards advance professional fulfilment in the lives of our members, students, patients and the communities we serve with assurance for uplifting physiotherapy profession in the State of Odisha and make regulatory protocols and standardize the field of physiotherapy engrossing interpersonal communication.

IAP-UTKAL envisage to serve the profession for national standards and promote excellence in people’s health and performance in the scope of Physiotherapy by providing India with outstanding and committed physiotherapists, and ensure that adequate and accessible resources are available in exigency.