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Brief History & Demographic Information- Odisha

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Present day Odisha (earlier Orissa) proudly possesses magnificent sculptures and majestic architectural heritage, mentioned as Utkala in India’s national anthem was established on 1st April 1936 on a linguistic basis during the British rule in India.

The name IAP UTKAL is actually inspired from the word UT-KALA meaning UTkarsha KALA, a land which advances to rise into abundant prosperity with its enriched art and culture. 
The IAP-UTKAL(ODISHA STATE BRANCH) known in the name “Utkal Branch of IAP” was established for the first time on 4th February 1993(Utkal Branch Foundation Day),following constitution of an unanimously elected body with Mr. R.N.Das as convenor, Mr. Pramod Selkar (Treasurer) and Executive Members Mr.A.G.Dhandapani,Mr.A.K.Sharma Mr.Satyaki Sengupta, witnessed by IAP Observer DR.M.G.Mokashi as special invitee.
IAP-UTKAL to its credit hosted the 32nd Annual Conference at Cuttack in 1994(6th- 10th January) and since then accords the Utkal Branch Gold Medal Award every year during the national conference.

Demographic Information

Total Number of Physios passed out from the state- approx.3130

Total number of physiotherapy colleges academic year 2020-2021 = 17 

Total number of physiotherapy students (estimated)  For academic year 2019-2020 is approx.=300 
Which is expected to rise as each of these 17 colleges are affiliated for  40 seats from academic year 2020-21

Total number of districts = 30