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Brief History & Demographic Information- Punjab

Punjab , the land of five rivers, is the soil from where saints and warriors were born historically. Before Independence and partition of India, the ... Read more

IAP-Punjab: Mission Vision

Mission1. Upgrade recruitment rules and recruitment status of physiotherapists in the State of Punjab.2. Protection of rights of Physiotherapists.3. Promoting physiotherapy awareness and outreach. Vision1. Formation ... Read more

Punjan: Contact Details State Committee & Office Bearers

Following is the contact details with email id and telephone numbers for IAP State Committee & Office Bearers for the region of Punjab - ... Read more


Convenor : Upendra G. GoswamiMob.: 09417787824Postal AddressH. No. 28 (G), Block B - 2,Savitri Enclave,LohgarhZirakpurPunjab (india) ... Read more


Convenor : Upendra G. GoswamiMob.: 09417787824Postal Address H. No. 28 (G), Block B - 2, Savitri Enclave,LohgarhZirakpurPunjab (india) ... Read more


Convenor: Dr. Jalawar Singh GaggarpurMob: 09501096290E-Mail: gaggarpurjalawar@gmail.comPostal AddressAddress:- Jotisar Physiotherapy CentreH.No.120A, Indra BastiSangrur -148001Punjab  ... Read more


Convenor : Dr. A. G. K. Sinha Mob. : 09417627829 Postal Address Dept. of Physiotherapy,Punjabi UniversityPatiala ... Read more

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