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Can A Physiotherapist fit in orthotics.?

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Orthotics is the umbrella term for different types of equipment used to either prevent or rehabilitate injury or to improve quality of life.  For a range of problems and pains such as bunions, back pain, heel pain, fallen arches, foot pain, leg pain and knee pain; the problems may originate from your feet. Certain foot conditions you may have heard of such as ‘flat feet’ have a knock on effect to other parts of the body. A flat foot can cause your knee and hip to become misaligned resulting in an incorrect posture that affects how you stand and walk.An orthotic can be a simple heel raise or a fully customised device with corrections and additions applied exactly to your needs.

A proven treatment for foot conditions is the use of an orthotic. These are devices that fit comfortably inside your shoes (insoles) to try and restore normal movement and thereby restore function. Orthotics are always more successful when taken as part of a total treatment plan, as suggested by the healt care provides

Physiotherapists can provide a perfect solution for orthotics,post detail assesment. Physiotherapists carry out a full biomechanical assessment on patients and can then prescribe semi or fully customised devices depending on the nature of one’s complaint.