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What Will I Study in Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy education includes learning necessary basic sciences and going through clinical postings.Apart from these, on optin physiotherapy education, you will obtain basic exposure to various ... Read more

What is Scope of practice?

• Here are some of the ways physiotherapy can help through therapeutic exercise, manual therapy, electrical modalities and a range of techniques.  • Treat and manage ... Read more

what is The Market demand Of Physiotherapy In India?

The general perception or the mind block of majority in India, is that physiotherapists are concerned only with massage and exercise. But one should know ... Read more

Any tips that can help a fresher physiotherapist get hired?

Once you have graduate, you can go for registration documents from governing bodies, private hospitals, Schools, etc as now you’re all set to venture in ... Read more

What About International Career in Physiotherapy

Various institutions, Pharmaceutical companies and laboratories in  USA, UK, Canada and European countries offers a better career to Physiotherapist who are more focused on the ... Read more

How To Choose Best Institutes offering Physiotherapy degrees in India?

There are many government and private organisations offering various physiotherapy courses within India. Overall, the standard of physiotherapy education has improved tremendously over the years ... Read more

What Are The Various Job Options For A Graduate Physiotherapy

Various stresses in a regular life in constantly increasing and the verr chanhing life style generation various health issues. Some common health issues are people ... Read more

Whats Are the various Specialisation Options in Physiotherapy?

Physical therapy is a large field, and demand for qualified professionals within this career path continues to grow. Following are some of the specialisation with ... Read more

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