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LegalAny language to the contrary, nothing contained in or through the website constitutes, nor is intendedto constitute, an offer, inducement, promise, or contract of any kind by association, The IndianAssociation of Physiotherapists.

The content provided on this site is presented as a courtesy to be used only for informationalpurposes and is not represented to be error free. The Association makes no representations orwarranties of any kind with respect to this site or its content, such representations and warrantiesbeing expressly disclaimed.

Moreover, IAP does not represent or warrant that the content of its website is accurate, complete orcurrent. It is not intended to provide nor should anyone consider that it provides legal, accounting orother advice. Such advice should only be rendered in reference to the particular facts andcircumstances appropriate to each situation.

IAP encourages you to contact appropriate professional(s) and consultant(s) to assess your specificneeds and circumstances. In addition, IAP is not endorsing or recommending the use of the means ormethods contained on or through this site for any special or particular purpose.

In addition, any links to non IAP information or references to other organisations are provided as acourtesy and convenience to browsers. Such links and references are not intended to, nor do they constitute, an endorsement of the linked materials or the referenced organisations by IAP . The content and views on such links and of such organisations are solely their own and do notnecessarily reflect those of IAP or the organisations' office bearers.

In no event will IAP or any of its office bearers, or associates be liable for any damages -- whetherdirect, indirect, special, general, consequential, for alleged lost profits, or otherwise - that might resultfrom any use of or reliance on these materials.

Hence Please read the Disclaimer Carefully