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Practice Physiotherapy Evidence & Excellence

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Physiotherapists  will  use  evidence  to  inform  their  practice.  They  will  actively  pursue  learning  and  upport the exchange of information between clinicians and researchers.

Expand & Guide Knowledge Access
Ensure  members’  access  to  clinically  relevant  information  in  a  timely  manner  and  with appropriate guidance to ensure application of evidence.

Provide Practice Leadership & Standards
Develop practice policy, professional ethics, performance measures, practice evaluation and identify the economic value of physiotherapy.

Facilitate Peer Interaction & Mentorship
Enhance  the  ability  for  members  to  interact  and  establish  mentor  /  protégé  relationships. Enable members to communicate to solve patients’ problems and learn from each other and other health profession colleagues.

Ensure  the  Availability  of  Relevant  Continuing  Education  Opportunities  for  Members
Work with physiotherapy partners to provide members with the tools to assess their clinical education needs, and customize education delivery.

Support the Research Cycle
Support  a  cycle  of  research,  education,  clinical  application,  outcome measures  and  further research.