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Advocacy Access Appreciation Healthy Indians

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Indans  will  access  physiotherapy  on  its  own  merits,  free  of  unwarranted  legislative or economic constraints. Healthcare professionals will work in respectful and informed teams for the benefit of their  patients.

Increase Public Awareness and Appreciation
Enhance our public relations so that Indians understand the benefits and are motivated to self select  physiotherapy  care.  Work  with  partners  to  ensure  the integrity of  the  term ‘physiotherapy’.

Increase and Promote Inter ‐Professional Practice
Promote  the  effectiveness  of  physiotherapy  to  other  health  professionals  with  a  goal  to establish true inter‐professional healthcare teams.

Demonstrate the Effectiveness of Physiotherapy
Produce an objective assessment of the value of physiotherapy interventions.

Enhance Our Ability to Influence Public Policy
Improve our ability to engage government in meaningful dialogue and influence healthcare policy.

Promote Direct Patient Access
Engage  governments,  employers  and  third  party  payers  to  remove  undue  impediments  to patient access of physiotherapy.

Establish Practice Specialization
Develop and implement a peer specialist recognition program and promote the qualifications to the public.

Ensure an Optimal Supply of Physiotherapy Human Resources
Work  with  governments,  educators  and  other  partners  to  ensure  a  balanced  labour  force based on optimal patient access and appreciation of physiotherapy.


Goals & Performance Measures

  1. Annual increase in use of physiotherapy by all Indians (based on Polls and online data)
  2. XX%  annual  increase  in  the  number  of  Indians exposed  to  IAP  advertising, beginning in YYYY
  3. XX% positive approval rating of physiotherapists by physicians as surveyed by IAP
  4. Increase in member job satisfaction (as indicated Online Polls & Surveys)
  5. Increase over XX years of the number of physiotherapists holding public office
  6. Annual reduction of member complaints regarding third party payer refusals
  7. Annual increase in number of members achieving specialist credentials beginning in  YYYY
  8. Physiotherapist workforce attrition rate is on par with national workforce average


YYYY , XX% are the statistical data that will soon be uploaded ater deriving from calcuations