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IAP Election 2020-23 Election Arbitration / Arbitrator Panel


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IAP Election 2020-23  Election Arbitration / Arbitrator Panel

IAP Election 2020-23 Notice Regarding ELection Arbitration /Arbitral Panel

As per the decision taken in General Body regarding election of IAP 2020-23, an Arbitral Panel is in place for issues related to IAP Election 2020-23. Any of the member(s) who had complain , if so desired, can contact regarding election issues by e-mail to

smsuri@hotmail.com  and at the address for follow up with the Arbitral

Hon’ble Retired High Court Judge:
Mr. Shashi Mohan Suri,
S.M. Suri & Associates
160, Lawyers’ Chamber Block-I
Delhi High Court,
New Delhi-110 003

The complaint/petition must contain detailed information in the form of pleadings and the specific issues required to be looked into/answered. The petition/complaint also must contain proposed issues, documents duly authenticated along with supporting affidavit of witnesses and that of the member aggrieved. Hard copy may also be forwarded of the same to Sh. S.M. Suri, Advocate at his above address. The petition along with documents shall be arranged and forwarded to the Arbitral Judge, who shall look into it and give hearing to the members complaining.The pleadings/documents/supporting evidence in support of the issues framed for decision may be recorded duly

indexed and paged. The documents are to be authentic and duly certified. The hard copies of the same may also be forwarded to him in advance so that the compilation so received is arranged for an appointment from Arbitral Hon’ble Retired Judge.

All such complaint(s)/petition(s) referred to above must reach to Mr. S.M. Suri, Advocate within 1 5 days from this day. This is for general information.   

Date. 03-02-2020