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Website & Email For All IAP Branches in India


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Website & Email For All IAP Branches in India

All existing IAP branches will have personal branch website to promote the branch and activities at the branch of IAP. all new bracnhes will also be having their personal website that will be hosted on the subdomain of the official website "physiotherapyindia.org" of IAP. Each branch website url will be www.branchcityname.physiotherapyindia.org. In case more than one branch in a city, the website URL will be branchcityname,branchcityname1, branchcityname2 sequence number on first come fist serve basis.IAP, targets to complete website of each existing branch of IAP in next 3 months (31-SEPT-2020).  

The website will be based on the content management system software, to manage easily manage the content on the website. Branch head will be given with the admin control or any person from the branch  cn be allocted for all content management of the website. Admin control panel details wil be provided with admin credential to manage the content on the website,

ALL BRANCHES ARE REQUESTED TO SEND DATA FOR THE WEBSITE, IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THE WEBSITES FOR ALL THE BRANCHES BY 31-SEPT-2020. The completion and implementation dates for the website will be posted under the title Branch Website on the website of IAP. To preview the feature and and the theme from the IAP branch website CLICK HERE

The website will be develoved on a professional theme common to all branched and with have a folowing


1. ABOUT BRANCH : A Detail Write up about the branch with estd date of the branch. This can include various responsibilities and te achievement of the branh ever since the estabilishment of  the branch. Multiple one Photo graph of the branch office. 


  • Mision statement of the IAP branch and writeup for achiving the mission 
  • Vision of the IAP branch. of branch and strategies deployed for the vision

4. OBJECTIVE : Detail objective with bulleted points that is to be elaborated. This can include various roles of the branch and its responsibilites assocated with IAP and growth of Physiotherapy awareness within the region managed by the branch and nation wide.

5. FUTURE PLANNING : Detail future road map for the activities planned in future. This can include varius events and programs that the branch palns to conduct in their city/region for spreading the awareness and support to education of Physiotherapy

6.TEAM MEMBERS : detail profile of each team member assiciated with the IAP branch in the following format

  1. Detail profile write up of the Team member
  2. Name Of The Person
  3. Gender
  4. Date Of Birth
  5. Designation at Branch
  6. Responsibilities with Branch
  7. Qualification
  8. achievements / Papers and seminars.
  9. Photograph One photograph with dimension 400px x 300px ( Width x Height). Images size can be larger but the 4x3 aspect ration of the image to be maintained.
  10. Mobile Number
  11. Email Id
  12. Postal Contact Details
  13. City
  14. Pin code
  15. State
  16. Country

6. CONTACT DETAILS  : Following contact detail for the IAP Branch

  1. Branch Name
  2. Contact Person
  3. Contact Person designation
  4. Mobile Number of Contact Person
  5. Fax with dial code
  6. Telephone with dial code
  7. Postal Address
  8. City
  9. State
  10. Country
  11. Pin
  12. Branch Email Id this will be @physiotherapyindia.org*

7. NEWS : write up for 5 news with title and date of the new, this can even be the historical news( date in past) that can be posted on the website.

8. EVENTS :  write up for 5 event with title and date of the event conducted, this can even be the historical events conducted in  the oast ( date in past) . Each even to be supported with as many photograph of the event. The website has a gallery section for pages, the photograph will be posted in the gallery section of the event page.
All images of the purticualr event to be zipped. one zip file for one event (muliple images of an event) to be sent with zip file name to be same as the name of the event.

All write up for the website mentioned above to be provided in one word file and emailed to website@physiotherapyindia.org
All images for the web pages to be 

* Email id branchname@physiotherapyindia.org will be created and intimated with login credetial to the branch convenor to manage the official email account created at the official domain of IAP "physiotherapyindia.org"

The website will be hosted on the sub domain of  "physiotherapyindia.org" and the branch website URL will be  www.branchname.physiotherapyindia.org.