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IAP Invitation To Submit Narrative Of Work Done In....


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IAP Invitation To Submit Narrative Of Work Done In....

As per World Physiotherapy, Now, more than ever, the contribution of health workers as essential workers needs to be acknowledged. Health workers play a critical role in ensuring our health and urgent  action  is  needed  to  meet  the  persistent  challenges  they  face  as  frontline  workers, particularly during the acute and long term response to COVID-19.

In recognition of  the  dedication  and  sacrifice  of  millions  of health   and  care  workers  at  the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic, member states at the virtual 73rd World Health  Assembly unanimously designated 2021 as the international year of  health  and care worker.

As  per  World  Physiotherapy,  Each  country/territory  will  have  its  own  response  to  COVID-19 which  will  be  as  per  their  National  Government  or  infection  control  centre.  Jonathon  Kruger, World Physiotherapy chief executive officer, said: ‘Corona virus is impacting every country in the world.  We  represent  physiotherapists  in  121  countries”.  Physiotherapists  have  a  critical  role  to  play  in  maintaining  the  health  and  well being  of  individuals  and  communities  around  the  world during the corona virus pandemic.

Taking this message forward, Research Committee, The Indian Association of Physiotherapists is  keen to work in this direction and looks forward to a commitment to better funding. But this is not possible without co-operation of its members.

Hence, Research Committee, The Indian Association of Physiotherapists, invites proposals from its members narrating their role during this Covid pandemic.

During  this  Pandemic,  as  health  care  providers,  Physiotherapists  must  have  been  utilized  in various  roles  beginning  from  patient  care  in  ICU  to  field  surveillance  duty  and  in  all  diverse  situations depending upon the region of the country and facilities provided. This information can provide  IAP  generate  narrative  data  about  the  role  of  Indian  Physiotherapists  in  this  Covid  19 Pandemic.

Research  Committee,  The  Indian  Association  of  Physiotherapists  is  inviting  narratives  of  the work  put  in  by  its  members  towards  their  contribution  in  this  Pandemic,  the  nature  and  type  of  work,  quantum  of  work  done,  its  result  and  the  impact  it  has  put  in  the  society.  These  will  be analyzed by our subject experts. Best five will be selected.

Narratives are invited in the following format:

There  will  be  two  separate  word  files  in  the  attachment.  First  file  will  contain  details  of  the sender along with the title.

File - 1 

• Name of the Physiotherapist -  

• IAP Membership Number -  

• Name of the Institute/Hospital/Clinic -  

• Address -  

• Title -  

File - 2 

Narrative  format  -  (Narrative  should  be  submitted  in  another  word  file  without  the  name  and details of the sender)

• Title -  

• Background -  

• Areas where involvement was there -  

• Outcomes -  

• Any other information -  

These narratives will be reviewed by IAP Research Committee Experts who will be blinded with the details of the applicant and best five proposals will be awarded with a Certificate and a cash  prize of Rs 5000/- each.

Last date of submission -  31 st December, 2020

Submission via email. Kindly email the proposal with two separate word files to iapresearchcommittee@gmail.com

Declaration of result - 15/01/2021

Dr Nehal Shah

National Head Research Committee

The Indian Association of Physiotherapists