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IAP Announces Research Grants

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The  Indian  Association  of  Physiotherapists  hereby  announces  Research  Grants  for  the  following categories :

1.Short Term Student Grant

2.The Budding Scientist

3.The Physio-scientist

4.The Senior-Scientist

5.The Physio-Innovator

For eligibility and other details of the categories, please refer Annexure A attached herewith. 

Steps to apply for the Grants

1.Download Form I and Form II from the website www.physiotherapyindia.org

2.Both the forms are to be filled separately and submitted

3.Abstract of the Research should be attached along with the forms I and II

4.The proposal should reach us on/before 31st,August 2021

5.Please submit your application at iapresearchcommittee@gmail.com6.Incomplete forms and late entries will not be accepted 

Important Note -

  • Submission  of  request  does  not  confirm  acceptance  of  the  proposal  or  acceptance  for evaluation or it does not guarantee financial/technical  commitment
  • All the proposals will be screened for scientific merit by an expert committee
  • Proposals requiring expert opinion will be addressed by a high level committee appointed by IAP CEC 

Abstract preparation guidelines

  • Word Limit - Not more than 500 words
  • Abstract should contain -
    • Backgroundo
    • Need of Study
    • Objectives - should be clearly defined
    • Methodology - Methodology  should  include  sample  size,  mode  of  subject selection,  inclusion/exclusion  criteria, materials  and  equipments to  be  used, detailed procedure to be performed and plan of data analysis.Methodology should also have a flow chart of the procedure
  • Abstract should be prepared in Times New Roman, font 12. Line spacing 1.5
  • Abstract should not reveal the identity of the author, institute, city or state of study. If at any instance any of these identities is revealed, the application will be disqualified.

If you wish to seek more information on this or if you have any querries , please feel free to email your querries on iapresearchcommittee@gmail.com Your querries will be replied in 48 working hours.

Thanking You


Dr Nehal Shah (PT)
Dr Sanjiv Jha (PT)
National Head
National President,
Research Committee, IAP


Click here to download complete document with  all forms




The Indian  Association  of  Physiotherapists  announces  Research  Grants  for  the  following categories for the members of IAP 

1.Short term student grant

a. For UG Student under the guidance of a guide

b. Mandatory to complete the study in six months

c. Grant may be issued for logistics towards the study

d. Student who is the student member of IAP or the student from Member College of IAP can only apply

e. Available to 5 best students / year upto maximum of Rs 10,000/-per study

2.The Budding Scientist

a. Any Physiotherapist who is a member of IAP and working in a clinical / academic set up and who wishes to perform research can apply

b. His/her clinical experience should be < 10 years post BPT or < 5 years post MPT and a total experience of not more than 5 years

c. Post  graduate  student  who  is  a  member  of  IAP  or  who  is  studying  in  a  Member college can apply in this category provided he/she is studying in a full time MPT course and is in the First Year of the course. He should not have got experience of > 5 years post BPT while applying for the grant. (Publication rule may not apply to a PG student)

d. Must have atleast one publication in peer reviewed indexed journals

e. Available to 3 best scientist/ year upto maximum of Rs 25000/-per study

3.The Physio-Scientist

a. Any  academician  or  a  Clinician  who  is  IAP  member  with  clinical  or  academic experience between 5 to 15 years can apply

b. Must have atleast three publications in peer reviewed indexed journals

c. Available to 2 best scientists / year upto a maximum of Rs 50,000/-per study

4.The Senior-Scientist

a. Any  academician  or  a  Clinician  who  is  IAP  member  with  clinical  or  academic experience of atleast 15 years can apply 

b. Must have atleast five publications in peer reviewed indexed journals

c. Available to 2 best scientists / year upto a maximum of Rs 50,000/-per study

5.The Physio-Innovator

a. This category of funding is for any innovation in the field of Physiotherapy which includes  designing  of  a  new  equipment, designing  a  new  assessment  tool,  a  new software  that  may  be  used  in  any  form  in  Physiotherapy  or  developing  a  mobile application for the use in Physiotherapy.

b. Any Physiotherapist who is an IAP member can apply for the same

c. Before disbursing the amount, the candidate will have to sign a form  saying that once  such  an  innovation  is  successful,  it  will  have  to  mentioned  that  this innovation was   funded by   IAP   and   will   have   to   acknowledge   this   in   all presentations, publications and even while applying for copyright.

d. IAP  will  be  a  part  of  Intellectual  Property  Rights  /  Patent  for  such  innovation  / equipment / instrument developed through this funding

e. Available to one best Innovator / year upto maximum Rs 1,00,000/-per study
Duration  of  the  grant - This  grant  will  be  valid  for  a  period  of  one  year  from  the  day  of  receiving approval letter except for short term student ship  and grant money will be disbursed in installmentsas work report progress


1. Applicant should be a Life time member of Indian Association of Physiotherapists

2. Applicants  under  short  term  student  grant  should  be  enrolled  in  a  full  time  BPT  course from a recognized Institute in India. He/She will have to submit consent of the guide for the study (who is a faculty of the same college where the student is studying) and NOC from the Institution.

3. Applicants  under  all  the  categories  will  have  to  produce  NOC  from  their  Institute  or Hospital  where  they  are  serving.  They  must  be  full  time  employee  in  the  respective Institute.  They  will  also  have  to  produce  an  undertaking  saying  this  is  his/her  own genuine work and will abide by all rules and regulations of the Grant Funding committee.  Incase of a private practitioner who owns his own clinic or hospital will have to produce an  undertaking  saying  this  is  his/her  own  genuine  work  and  will  abide  by  all  rules  and regulations of the Grant Funding committee.

4. Except for  short  term  studentship,  this  grant  will  be  valid  for a  period  of  one  year  from the date of approval.

5. Validity  of  a  grant  for  Short  term  studentship  will  be  six  months  from  the  date  of approval.Utilization of the fund given under Research GrantPrior to utilization of a grant under any of the following purposes, approval of the account head and amount by the funding committee is mandatory. This fund can be utilized for the following purposes

1. Cost  towards  developing  equipment/  instrument  or  any  tool  that  has  diagnostic  or treatment value for Physiotherapy practice

2. Cost of purchasing or hiring an equipment necessary for research that may not be a part of conventional Physiotherapy setting

3. Cost  of  investigations  and  assessment  measures  and  tools  that  are  a  part  of  proposed research 

4. Cost of interventions that are a part of proposed research

5. Developing  or  purchasing  a  software  that  is  essential  and  is  a  part  of  assessment, documentation and intervention of the proposed research

6. Consumables required for undertaking the research

7. Any  other  miscellaneous  costs  for  data  collection  like  contingency  stationary,  printing, travelling etc

8. If selected for funding, early bid registration for IAP Conference


  • Final decision of the cost approval under  above mentioned cost heads lies with the IAP Research Funding Committee
  • The awardee of the grant will be solely responsible for the proper utilization of the funds under  the  approved  cost  heads  and  if  found  fraudulent,  the  grant  will  be  immediately cancelled and he/she will have to repay the full cost and appropriate disciplinary actions will be decided  by IAP CEC and Research Committee
  • Change  of  cost  heads  after  sanction  will  not  be  permitted  unless  in exigent  situations where  it  may  be  permitted  only  after  prior  approval  from  the  IAP  Research  Funding committee 

Fund disbursement and documentation and reporting of expenses 

Upon receiving the applications and after scrutiny by Experts, all the applicants will be informed about  the  decision  by  email.  Those  applicants  who  succeed  in  availing  the  grants  will  have  to provide  bank  account  details  for  financial  transactions.  For  applicants  who  are  working  as  an employee in a Hospital or a College, will have to provide bank details of their salary account for financial transactions and those having their own Centres will have to provide their official bank account details of their centre or department.

The funding amount will be transferred in two instalments to the account given by the applicant. The first instalment of the amount will be disbursed only after the submission of undertaking by the  applicant  that  the  grant  money  will  be  utilized  only  for  the  intended  purpose. Second instalment will be disbursed only after the submission of an interim report, bills and expenditure statement  in  the  prescribed  format  within  first  half  of  the  project  duration.  This  interim  report along  with  bills  to  be  submitted  by  email.  This  will  be  reviewed  by  the  expert  committee  and final instalment will be disbursed only after the expert committee approves the report.

All  expenses  should  be  paid  by  cheque  or  online  transfer  only.  Cash  transactions  will  not  be considered for payment unless in a grave situation after the approval of the competent authority.

Ethical Clearance and CTRI Registration

It  is  mandatory  that  all  the  proposals  should  have  undertaken  Ethical  Clearance  for  their proposals or have submitted to the ethics committee which is registered with CDSCO and belong to the place in the vicinity of data collection place.

Those proposals that involve Clinical Trials and Intervention studies, it is mandatory to register such  a  trial in  Clinical  Trial  Registry  of  India  ( www.ctri.nic.in) prior  to  applying  for  funding. Such a proposal should be submitted with a clinical trial registry number. 

Submitting a proposal

  • All the proposals should be submitted in the prescribed format with relevant supporting documents.
  • Such a submission should be made by email only to mail id iapresearchcommittee@gmail.com
  • Submission process opens 1st June, 2021 and closes 31st August, 2021
  • Applicants will be intimated by email latest by 31st October, 2021
  • All  the  submitted  applications  will  be  reviewed  by  an  expert  committee  nominated  by IAP CEC and IAP Research Committee and will be scored objectively 
  • Expert Committee will be blinded to the details of the applicant.
  • Each   proposal   can   have   a   maximum   of   one Principal   Investigator   and   two   co-investigators. It is mandatory that the Principal Investigator be a Physiotherapist and Life member  of  IAP.  Maximum  of  one  co-investigator can  be  a  other  professional  and  the other co-investigator be a Physiotherapist and Life member of IAP. Non-Physiotherapist co-investigator  should  be  a  professional  passed  out  from  a  recognized  Institute  and Member of a respective Council or Association. 
  • PI and Co-PI may belong to the same Institute or a different Institute
  • After  the  successful  approval  of  the  proposal,  if  for  any  reason  the  PI  may  not  wish  to continue with the project, the responsibility of the proposal lies with the CO-PI who is a Physiotherapist for successful completion of the proposal.
  • If  even  the  Co-PI  does  not  wish  to  continue  the  proposal  half-way,  all  the  applicants together will have to repay the entire amount.
  • If an applicant has received the grant once as PI, he/she will not be eligible for another grant in the same tenure and for next five years.
  • Such  a  PI  can  become  a  Co-PI  in  a  maximum  of  one  proposal  at  a  time  during  such period.
  • If  insufficient  applications  are  received  for  a  particular  category  or  in  a  scenario  where an  expert  committee  does  not  approve  any  of  the  received  application  worthy  of  a funding,IAP Funding Committee reserves the right to either transfer the grant to another category  or  to  close  the  grant  for  that  year  for  that  category  which  will  be  decided depending on the situation of that particular year.

Presentation and Publication of the completed Research

  • Completed  research/innovation  work  should  be  presented  in  the  upcoming  National Conference of IAP
  • Applicant receiving funds  towards researches done for MPT dissertation, PhD Thesis or any  such  purpose  should  acknowledge  IAP  Research  Funding  in  all  their presentations  and publications.
  • Such a successful research should be published in a peer reviewed indexed journal. IAP  research grant should be acknowledged in all such publications

DOWNLOAD COMPLETE DOCUMENT WITH FORMS FROM THE ATTACHMENT BELOWor Click here to download complete document with forms