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October 2010

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October 2010


It is a matter of great pleasure in bringing to you this issue of “Physiotherapy”. The special feature of this volume isthat it contains original research papers from researchers.

The Physiotherapy journal is biannual peer reviewed publication. Its aim is to promote excellence in the field ofphysiotherapy research and to serve as a channel of communication among the physiotherapist and others.

The physiotherapy is a journal for discussion on educational and professional issues of physiotherapy andpublishing a variety of research that is relevant to the field and diverse opinions that are based in scholarly arguments.

As ongoing process of improving the standard of the journal the team has taken important step in revising theeditorial board and guidelines for submission of articles.

The physiotherapy an essential indexed peer review journal for all physiotherapists provides professional forum to discuss today’s challenges identify philosophical and conceptual foundations of the practice; sharing innovative evaluation and treatment techniques. The journal serves as a valuable tool for helping therapists deal effectively with the challenges of the field. It emphasizes articles and reports that are directly relevant tophysiotherapy practice. The journal is now indexed in INDEX COPERNICUS. The journal is also the member ofthe International Society for Journal of Physiotherapy Editors (ISJPE). We are in the process of publishing thejournal in electronic format. In the next issue we will also provide information regarding institutional andindividual subscription policy of the journal. The editorial board invites original contributions from all themembers. Please go through the instructions for submission of article before submitting the article.

The current issue of physiotherapy contains six article. As an editor I really appreciate all editorial board members and peer reviewers who constantly supported me throughout the publication process.

G.Arun Maiya