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Sports Injuries & Physiotherapy

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Sports Injuries & Physiotherapy

physiotherapy.sports is a vital part of the Indian lifestyle- It promotes good health, stress relief and is fun. When it comes to participating in sports, we’re all at different levels. From weekend warriors to professional athletes, our patients run the range at Focus.
Sometimes injuries may occur through sport, but  fortunately most injuries can be effectively treated by your physiotherapist. Sports injuries are also quite varied, from mild to severe injuries we treat them all. Physiotherapy treatment will enable you to return safely to treated by your  sporting activity more quikly than just 'rest and see what happens. Your physiotherapist can also provide adnice to prevent sporting injuries.

Some Common Injuries are

  1. Bruises.
  2. Ligament sprains.
  3. Joint injuries.
  4. Over-use injuries.

The treatment of sports injuries involves reintroducing competition in an intelligent and appropriate manner to prevent re-injury and development of permanent scar formation which hinders recovery and competitiveness. Our team at Focus Physiotherapy will guide you to modify activities outside of the sport that can contribute to poor outcomes and hinder your return to sport.

Physiotherapy for a sports injury prevents the need for surgeries by up to 50%. Physiotherapy for sports medicine injuries has been shown to be an effective way to return to an active lifestyle.

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