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THE INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF PHYSIOTHERAPIST Registered Under (i) Trust No. 1335 (ii) Societies Act XXI of 18160 No. 3376 of 1955-56 Dr Sanjiv K Jha (P.T) ...

Vision & Strategy

Our Mission

Our Mission for the future of physiotherapy in India with its strategic plan that enables I.A.P to achieve its mission, assisted by its branches and it members. At I.A.P we are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our members, student, patients and the communities we serve. ...

Women Cell

About Us & Our Programmes

We strive to make a difference for our Female physiotherapy professionals and profession Yes, "Time Flies", and as we do our duty, may ...

Public Notice

08 Apr 2020

Physios Who Attended IAP Examinations But Could Not Get Membership

There are many physiotherapists who appeared in the IAP exams and paid 1500 Rs. to IAP  for this but due to many other reasons they ... Read more

19 Feb 2020

Special General Body Meeting Of Indian Association Of Physiotherapist - 07-MARCH-2020

NOTICE OF SPECIAL GENERAL BODY MEETING OF INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF PHYSIOTHERAPISTS  ON 7TH MARCH 2020 This to bring to your kind notice that the Special General ... Read more

Branch Notice

News & Events

18 Dec 2018


57th Annual Conference of IAP: It gives us an immense pleasure in inviting you to the “57th IAPCONBANGALORE 2019” - National Physiotherapy conference on 1st ... Read more

17 Apr 2018

WCPT Updates

Call for courses - deadline approaches The deadline to submit a proposal for a pre- or post-congress course is just two weeks away: 26th April ... Read more

26 Jun 2017

Amaran Anshan for Central Independent Physiotherapy Council from July 16,2017

Will fast unto death (amaran anshan) for establishment of Central Independent Physiotherapy Council from July 16th, 2017 onwards at Jantar Mantar, Delhi. After three massive Satyagrahas ... Read more

Patient Care
17 Apr 2018

Controling Arthritis With LCHF Diet

Arthritis can be broadly categorised as Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid is treated with a variety of anti-inflammatory drugs, disease modifying agents and surgery. Osteoarthritis ... Read more

02 Sep 2012

Back Pain Remedies

If you are currently experiencing low back pain, one or two days of rest is indicated. After this short time period, gentle self-care exercises should be started to restore mobility and decrease pain. Since poor posture is a major cause of low back pain, maintaining proper posture is important. ... Read more

02 Sep 2012

Ankle Rehabilatation

talocrural joint is the medical term used for ankle joints. Ankle joint is formed by three bone tibia, fibula, and talus these are supported by strong ligaments. Ankle injuries are very common every year millions of patients are treated for ankle injuries and it is very common injury among the sports persons and a common sport injury. ... Read more

IAP Blog
20 Sep 2012

Common Sports Injuries

Timely therapy intervention can have dramatic effects on recovery rate of sports injuries. Sports injuries can be new & acute or chronic ongoing ‘niggles’ that just won’t go away. They can be debilitating & recovery times can be lengthy & frustrating. Injuries can lead to long-term weakness in an area & may increase the chance of re-injury, even during less strenuous activity if neglected. Some most common sports injuries which are suffered by all sports person and it needs professional attention and diagnosed in order to heal properly for healthy body of an Sports person.Most of these injuries needs a professional physiotherapist an can be treated under their guidance for speedy recovery and no other side effects ... Read more

04 Sep 2012

Neuro Physiotherapy Moving Towards Freedom

Very often people with neurological conditions or who have suffered a neurological incident require intense physiotherapy from specialized neurological physiotherapists to address any problems they may develop as a result. Various treatment and ailment programs are conducted by neuro physiotherapist for treatments and have attained drastic postive result for patient suffering from various nuero problems ... Read more